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Financial Institution Solutions



A simple, secure and scalable solution for financial institutions. Wycom WyChecks allows your institution to print all check types on secure blank check stock.  Full MICR check printing, automated signing, graphic amount protection and check signing limits are just a few of the highlights of the WyChecks solution!  Other features include on-demand starter check printing and PDF check copy creation for your imaging platform.  Can be installed as a hardware solution or installed on your virtual servers!

Ever wish you could take advantage of the newer, smaller and faster receipt printers while leaving the hassle of keeping up with paper receipts behind?  If so, then it’s time to think “outside that old receipt box” with WyReceipts — the most comprehensive receipt printing and archival software solution on the market.  From printing, to signing receipts, to printing marketing messages, to archival and even the secure emailing of receipts WyReceipts has it covered!

WyDocs is for credit unions who want to avoid the costly pitfalls of paper-based documents.  WyDocs allows your credit union to replace expensive pre-printed forms with secure electronic documents stored as PDFs.  WyDocs also allows for secure websigning of your documents and integration with your current image platform for secure document storage.  With WyDocs you’ll create, find, update and store documents faster, saving time and money.


Your tellers can post, scan, and endorse member deposit checks in one simple step with WyTeller21. They’ll spend less time inputting check data and focus more attention on serving members. And you’ll reap the Check21 benefits of faster check processing at a lower cost.

Wycom Enterprise DOCS Edition

Our Wycom Enterprise DOCS Edition is a perfect solution for the on demand printing cashier checks and money orders at financial institutions.  You will simply open Wycom Enterprise DOCS from your Windows desktop and use our secure log-in to access our platform.

You can select the financial document that you would like to process from a simple drop down.  You will then fill out the relevant check information and print your check.  The check will print to blank secure check stock from a MICR toner equipped printer.  Each check transaction will be recorded on an audit log for viewing by your administrator. Each check will be securely amount protected with a graphical amount line and signatures can be automatically applied.  In addition, you can also print personalized starter\temporary checks and loan coupons for your clients!

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