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The High-ROI Solution for Document Creation


WyDocs is for credit unions who want to avoid the costly pitfalls of paper-based documents. WyDocs allows your credit union to replace expensive pre-printed forms with secure electronic documents stored as PDFs. With WyDocs on your network, you’ll create, find, update, and store documents faster saving time and money.

WyDocs delivers:


  • Improved efficiency: WyDocs makes document creation fast and efficient. Just open a PDF form and WyDocs automatically searches, finds, and inserts the data into the corresponding fields – extracting it from your lending or core system. If any of the data is unavailable, simply edit the document on the fly.

  • Cost savings: By instantly archiving documents as PDFs, WyDocs greatly reduces your expenses. You’ll use less paper and printing consumables, eliminate costly manual scanning and indexing, and reduce your need for storage space.

  • Easy signing: WyDocs supports the electronic signing of PDFs using Adobe Acrobat software and plug-ins. Members simply sign on a signature pad and the signature embeds in the signing locations of your document. Electronic signatures mean less paper for your staff to print, scan, and file.

  • Web signing option: WyDocs provides a secure interface for the digital signing of documents. Reach your members wherever they’re located – saving the significant cost of mailing or shipping loan documents to members.

  • Faster service: When members have questions about existing loans or other products, the necessary documents are just a few clicks away with WyDocs.

  • Greater accuracy: Electronic archiving and indexing with WyDocs eliminates the manual steps that lead to errors and costly rework.

  • Flexible options: WyDocs works with any PDF creation tool and any standard PDF file. It supports embedded javascript, as well as both read-only and edit-enabled fields – allowing you to logically map data to the forms. Use it with forms that are created in-house or those from third parties such as CUNA.

  • Simple set-up: WyDocs integrates with your existing processes and data files, making installation fast and easy. That means you can get started quickly – and start realizing the cost savings sooner.

  • Easy administration: WyDocs can work with your existing imaging system, without new software to learn and maintain, and without computer downtime. WyDocs allows you to manage member services and loan documents from any WyDocs web-application server across multiple branches.

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