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Your Ultimate Receipt Solution!

EVER WISH your imaging software could take advantage of the newer, smaller and faster receipt printers while leaving the hassle of keeping up with paper receipts behind? If so, then it’s time to think “outside that old receipt box” with WyReceipts — the most comprehensive receipt printing and archival software solution on the market.

AN ALL-IN-ONE RESOURCE. Imagine, no more paper files to store and search through! With WyReceipts and your imaging software you can use the latest printers for outputting receipts while storing copies on your server as individual PDF documents. That means more freed up disk space and a big savings on paper. Plus, with WyReceipts each receipt can be indexed with time, date, customer account, teller number, signature capture, scanned checks and ID providing multiple search options for receipt retrieval and expanded report printing capabilities.

screenshot from WyReceipts

SEAMLESS INTEGRATION. WyReceipts works with your current imaging solution. No new software to learn! No computer downtime! Printing or searching for receipts is now just a few mouse clicks away. And like all Wycom products, WyReceipts not only supports your existing equipment, it also allows the flexibility of future equipment upgrades.


So, give Wycom a call today for your risk-free, 30-day trial. What have you got to lose… but those old paper receipts!

WyReceipts Specifications


  • Customizable member number masking

  • Supports receipt layout customizations

  • Can be configured for teller line, drive-through, and mail room environments

  • Endorses checks when used with endorsement capable printer

  • Smoothly integrates with your current receipt printing processes

  • Supports any Windows compatible thermal receipt printer

  • Supports any TWAIN compliant scannner

  • Eliminates dot matrix and laser printers (or continue to use them if you choose)

  • Captures member signatures with signature pads

  • Supports envelope printing, including separate report and envelope printers

  • Enables adding custom logos and marketing messages to receipts

  • Enables recording of member authentication and ID scanning

  • Supports check image scanning

  • Supports offline (manual) receipts

  • Provides extensive user interface and screen customizations

  • Enables background receipt printing and archiving with no teller interaction

  • Improves efficiency with one-click receipt printing

  • Prints portrait or landscape with any Windows font

  • Enables e-mail delivery of receipts

  • Instantly archives receipts with or without signatures

  • Supports stand-alone PDF archiving

  • Creates small PDF archive files indexed by time, date, member number, and teller number

  • Allows for fast archive searching and retrieval

  • Integrates with imaging providers (with index for imaging systems)

  • Supports instant software updates at each teller login

  • Provides optional cash in/out screens

  • Eliminates reliance on virtual machines for receipt printing


  • Magtek MicrImage

  • Magtek Excella

  • Magtek Excella STX

  • Pentax DSmobile 600

  • Any TWAIN compliant scanner

  • All Topaz and Wacom signature pads

  • Any printer with a Windows printer driver

  • Microsoft Windows 7 or above

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WyReceipts Brochure

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