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Wycom Enterprise DOCS Edition

Wycom Enterprise DOCS Edition


Our Wycom Enterprise DOCS Edition is a perfect solution for the on demand printing cashier checks and money orders at financial institutions.  You will simply open Wycom Enterprise DOCS from your Windows desktop and use our secure log-in to access our platform.

You can select the financial document that you would like to process from a simple drop down.  You will then fill out the relevant check information and print your check.  The check will print to blank secure check stock from a MICR toner equipped printer.  Each check transaction will be recorded on an audit log for viewing by your administrator. Each check will be securely amount protected with a graphical amount line and signatures can be automatically applied.  In addition, you can also print personalized starter temporary checks and loan coupons for your clients!

Wycom Enterprise DOCS Edition Highlights:

  • Simple to use and provides for secure administration

  • Can be installed as a hardware or virtual solution at your institution

  • Create money orders, cashier checks, temporary checks and loan coupons “on-demand”

  • Each transaction stored on a secure internal security log

  • Secure graphical amount line and automated signing of your money order and cashier checks

  • Unlimited number of authorized users

  • Optional .pdf image archival of all printed documents

example of checks generated by Wycom Enterprise DOCS edition
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