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Windows Check Signing and Printing Software


WyPayments leverages your current accounting software and printers to provide secure, efficient check signing.  Our WyPayments solution interfaces with your accounting system to enable simple, secure check signing and printing using your network printers. Whether you use pre-printed stock or blank secure check paper, WyPayments turns your printers into secure check signers or MICR check printers accessible from any computer on your network.  We also offer optional payment approval for enhanced security over your check disbursements.

WyPayments delivers:


  • Ease of use: Your signature resources and account programming reside securely on the WyPayments server. Sign and print checks in one fast, easy step by using the browser-based access panel to log in with a secure username and password, then choose your account programming. WyPayments provides both user and administrator security levels. Our secure log-in feature even supports remote check printing.

  • Payment Approval: For an additional layer of security WyPayments offers an optional interface that will allow your accounting staff to submit checks to WyPayments.  WyPayments will then hold them for approval before releasing them for printing.  You can assign up to 2 approvers.  Each approver will receive an email notification they have checks to approve, hold or deny the printing of the check.  Once the checks have been approved the accounting staff can release them for printing or void denied payments in your accounting system.  We provide full reporting of the payment process as the check moves from “submitted” to “printed”.

  • Improved security: Maintain control over check disbursement and reduce fraud risk with features like forgery-resistant graphic amounts, graphical signature backgrounds, custom graphics for dollar prefixes and amounts, dollar amount limits, and optional signature suppression for checks more than a specified dollar amount. You control which employees can access accounts to reduce internal fraud risk.

example of protected amount
example of protected signature
  • Better tracking: WyPayments retains all check disbursements on an internal audit log, making it easy to research and find check disbursements later. An optional check log details each printed check (including date, number and payee) and links to non-negotiable PDF digital copies of all checks. PDF image files can be indexed for import into most imaging platforms.

  • Flexibility: Add more printer licenses as needed, or upgrade to our MICR Laser Check Printing option for greater flexibility. Use WyPayments to sign pre-printed checks or use the MICR option to print checks using secure blank check stock – reducing stock costs and improving operational efficiency.

  • Full MICR Check Printing: Wycom WyPayments can not only securely sign your pre-printed check it can also be upgraded to provide full MICR laser check printing.  This can totally eliminate pre-printed checks.  By eliminating pre-printed checks you provide a more secure environment by only creating checks as they are needed.  Your check data will be sent to the Wycom solution and the entire check will be printed onto secure blank laser check stock.  No more check reorders, easy changes to the check overlay and also optional .PDF archive of all printed checks!

  • Compatibility: WyPayments requires no computer hardware or software changes and supports multiple printer types.


WyPayments Brochure

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