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Wycom Enterprise

Secure Check Signing Just Got Easier


Wycom Enterprise makes it simple and secure to sign and print checks from a single solution on your network. It’s ideal for for accounts payable and payroll departments in organizations of all types and sizes. It is powered for the highest-volume environments. Whether you use pre-printed stock or blank secure check stock, the Wycom Enterprise can be a trusted source for your check signing and printing needs.

Wycom Enterprise delivers:


  • Browser-based simplicity: The browser-based administrator panel is your virtual key to easy and efficient and secure management of your Enterprise solution.

  • Installation choice: Enterprise can be installed as an independent hardware device or installed on your virtual servers. You can choose which scenario best suits your organization.

  • Simple setup: Since Enterprise is software independent and pre-programmed by Wycom, there’s no downtime to get started and no time spent learning applications. Connect it to your network, assign log-in access to authorized users, and you’re ready to go.

  • Tremendous security: Enterprise securely stores valuable signatures, logos, check overlays and user accounts on within the Enterprise. Browser-based log-in is protected by passwords, and you can allow different levels of access for administrators, supervisors and users.

  • Fraud protection: Advanced fraud-protection features include forgery-resistant custom graphics for dollar prefixes and amounts, ability to suppress signatures at specified thresholds, and signature background protection.

  • Greater efficiency: Enterprise combines check signing and printing in one easy-to-use solution – increasing your processing speeds up to 20 times faster. You can sign and print checks in one pass, reducing manual steps and accelerating the process.

example of protected amount
example of protected signature
  • Multiple printer support: Enterprise is compatible with laser and dot matrix printers and has the ability to support multiple printers.

  • PDF image archive: Enterprise can create a .pdf image of your check and check data for retention and research purposes.

  • Automatic archival: Enterprise can instantly archive check images as secure, non-negotiable PDFs – making retrieval easier, reducing labor and cutting scanning costs.

  • Upgradeable: You can also upgrade to our MICR license and eliminate pre-printed check stock and print your checks to secure blank check stock to eliminate the security risk of pre-printed check stock.


Wycom Enterprise Brochure

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