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WyTeller21 speeds check processing

Start leveraging the benefits of Check21 today!


Your tellers can post, scan, and endorse member deposit checks in one simple step with WyTeller21. They’ll spend less time inputting check data and focus more attention on serving members. And you’ll reap the Check21 benefits of faster check processing at a lower cost.

image of checks
  • Use small-footprint scanners at the teller line for Teller Capture.

  • Use high-speed multi-feed scanners in the back office for Branch Capture.

  • Automatically confirm check totals, create an electronic cash letter and forward check images to the Fed or other check processor daily.

  • Access full-service support for Merchant Capture, Fed receipt and Fed return.

  • Leverage a back-office engine powered by C&A Associates: a leader since 1979, enabling hundreds of financial institutions to reap the advantages of Check 21.

“After using WYCOM products for 18 years, we added WyTeller21 to gain efficiencies and keep tellers focused on serving members instead of scanning checks in a back room. It is simple to use– you can learn it in minutes. And the implementation was outstanding.”

WyTeller21 Specifications



  • Scans and automatically recognizes check fields

  • Endorses check

  • Scans both sides of check in one pass

  • Provides clear, easy-to-read check images

  • Automatically populates financial platform screens

  • Uses color coding to assist teller in field evaluation

  • Scanner uses Best Read® MICR reading technology for maximum accuracy

  • Provides mechanism to balance transactions at the teller level

  • Integrates with centralized Check 21 server

  • Provides direct transmission of cash letter to the Fed

  • Enables fast, quiet scanning

  • Small-footprint scanner requires minimal space at the teller station

  • Scanner’s energy efficient design reduces utility costs

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Digital Check CX30 check scanners


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WyTeller21 Brochure

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