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Check Signer and MICR Printing

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Signing checks no matter how low or high the volume, securely and efficiently can be a challenge – unless you use a Wycom check signing solution. Wycom products make check signing and printing simple, seamless and secure. That’s why accounts payable and payroll departments in all industries and credit unions of all sizes choose Wycom check signing solutions.  We have a solution that can meet the exact needs of your organization!

Picture of Wycom Enterprise

The browser-based Wycom Enterprise brings speed, simplicity and security to even the highest-volume environments – making it fast and easy to sign and print checks in one pass on any network printer you enable.  Whether you use pre-printed stock or blank check stock, Enterprise turns your

printers into secure check signers across your corporation. With the full range of security and fraud-resistant features, your signatures, checks and overlays are safe and sound.

WyPayments is an easy-to-use Windows software solution that interfaces with your accounting system to enable simple, secure check signing and printing in a single pass, using your network printers. It provides the full range of security features you need, along with the flexibility to use pre-printed stock or blank check paper. Turn your printers


into secure, network-accessible check signers or MICR check printers with WyPayments.  In addition WyPayments provides an optional “payment approval” process that will allow checks to be held in a queue pending approval from those who can review and approve check payments prior to printing.



For secure, efficient “off-line” check signing, WySign is the answer. WySign is ideal for companies that want to physically separate the check signing and printing functions for greater control and improved security.  WySign’s simple-to-use graphical overlay makes signature set-up fast and easy, and its compatibility with nearly all printers gives you the flexibility you need.

Check Signing PLUS MICR Check Printing

Wycom solutions such as the Wycom Enterprise and Wycom WyPayments can not only securely sign your checks, they can also provide full MICR laser check printing to totally eliminate pre-printed checks.  By eliminating pre-printed checks you provide a more secure environment by only creating checks as they are needed.  Your check data will be sent to the Wycom solution and the entire check will be printed onto secure blank laser check stock.  No more check reorders, easy changes to the check overlay and also optional .PDF archive of all printed checks!

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