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The Switch to Wycom Reduces Costs, Improves Efficiency for Corporate America Family Credit Union

Corporate America Family Credit Union has used automated check signing and printing and receipt generation solutions for some time. But for the $515 million credit union, which serves 80,000 members across all 50 states, getting the enhancements and upgrades needed to stay efficient was a slow and arduous process.

“We were using workarounds to accomplish what we needed to,” says Pete Paulson, President. “And the systems required a lot of time and attention from our IT staff.”

Corporate America was already familiar with Wycom, having used its earlier-generation solutions successfully for many years. Wycom also works with many of the credit union’s peers running the same Fiserv XP Systems core processing solution. So when it came time for a more reliable, streamlined approach to check signing, check printing and receipt generation, Corporate America chose Wycom.

Faster, Better Service

The credit union began rolling out Wycom’s WyChecks and WyReceipts in 2007 across its 26 branches. With WyReceipts in place, member receipts print considerably faster.

“Before, it might take 30 seconds to print, which is an eternity when a member is standing at the teller line and the transaction is already complete,” Paulson says. “Now, it’s so fast, you don’t even notice.” WyReceipts also reduces the credit union’s paper costs, since receipts require about one-third the paper as the previous system.

WyChecks speeds and secures the process of signing and printing the large volume of checks requested at the teller line, through audio response, and via the web site. The WyChecks server prepares the check, adds the correct signatures and sends it to a laser printer to print on blank check stock, eliminating expensive pre-printed check stock.

Corporate America appreciates WyChecks’ many security features, including the need to log in as an authorized user before generating checks and an automatic void option. “If a money order is generated to exceed our pre-set limit, the check will automatically void itself,” Paulson says.

Gaining a solution that is simpler to administer was a key benefit for Corporate America. “Both WyChecks and WyReceipts are designed in a way that they need almost no IT attention,” says Paulson. “Before, our IT staff spent a lot of time working with our old check and receipt solutions; now they don’t even think about it.”

The service and support provided by Wycom is also a big factor. “We’re not talking to a front-line call center rep; we’re talking to people who know the products extremely well and can answer our questions quickly,” he says.

For Corporate America, perhaps the greatest advantage of working with Wycom is the opportunity to have an open dialogue with key decision-makers on product development. “Wycom welcomes our input, listens to our suggestions, and incorporates those ideas into their product enhancements,” Paulson says. “It’s very refreshing to work with a company that is so responsive.”

With WyChecks and WyReceipts working smoothly across the enterprise, Corporate America looks forward to implementing WyDocs in 2009.

“WyDocs will greatly improve the process of generating lending and other documents for our members who are spread across the country, most not within easy reach of a branch,” Paulson. “By eliminating the costs and inefficiencies of transporting documents through FedEx and fax, WyDocs can help us achieve a faster and more cost-effective process for our documents.”

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