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WySign Automates Check Signing and Improves Security

January 9, 2013 – Wycom Systems (, a leading provider of solutions that improve check, receipt and document processes, announced it has launched WySign, a check signing solution that greatly increases the efficiency and improves the security of the checking signing task. WySign is ideal for any organization that produces checks in volume and is eager to reduce the associated costs and the potential for fraud.

By turning nearly any standard desktop printer into a check signer, WySign makes efficient, automated check signing affordable for any size organization. The solution’s graphical interface makes signature setup fast and easy, supporting an unlimited number of check overlays and signatures. WySign requires no software to install; once the encrypted WySign USB key is inserted into the computer and the correct password is entered, authorized staff members are ready to begin using the solution.

While WySign is extremely easy to use, advanced fraud-resistant features make it a highly secure solution. WySign improves security by physically separating the check signing and printing functions, by encrypting signatures on a USB key, and by providing the organization with full control over which staff members are authorized to create check overlays, sign checks, or print reports. WySign’s custom signatures and optional color backgrounds further reduce the incidence of fraud, since they are difficult to change or duplicate. The product’s audit log records every check signed, along with the date and the specific overlays and signatures used, resulting in a complete and accurate audit trail.

For WySign pricing and other details, contact Wycom Systems at 1-800-869-0236.

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